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Hitech Solutions Inc. has announced the Hitech Solutions Education Service Provider (EduSP) program to help vendors deliver web-based educational solutions to K-12 schools and higher education institutions. The program is a component of Hitech Solutions's efforts to promote portal computing. Overwhelmed with current use of the " P" word? Hitech Solutions defines the education portal as " an aggregation of content in a context sensitive way, a customization of applications for the educational community, and a personalization of services geared to individual users in this community." Hitech Solutions's goal is to provide the infrastructure for either district enterprise portals, open portals on the web or web-based subscription portals.

Service providers eligible for the program include application service providers, content companies, information technology providers (such as course-building software vendors), independent software vendors, portal providers and Internet service providers. A company must have a registered .com or .net domain name to participate. Initial participants in the program include Campus Pipeline, LearningStation.com, iMind, TimeCruiser, the Wharton School of Business, and Verilogix.

Benefits of joining and committing to the architecture include numerous business and marketing services. Hitech Solutions provides programs to ensure that a participant's revenue and operational goals are identified with a clear strategy for achieving them. A Hitech Solutions education sales representative is assigned to each participant to help establish an EduSP business plan and hold quarterly reviews. The sales representative also works with participants to ensure that their presence in the market is closely coordinated with the momentum generated by related Hitech Solutions marketing campaigns.

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