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Hitech Solutions Inc Enables Fast-Growing Countyr to Proide Constituents With Innovative Online Services.


One of the fastest growing counties in the United States needed to expand and improve their infrastructure. The primary source of funding for this critical expansion was property taxes. The county relied on manual, outdated processes for property tax collection and it proved to be a bottleneck and created constant cash flow concerns.

Faced with this pressing need, county leaders decided to offer county services through the Internet. The goal was to make it easier for tax payers to do business with the county while also laying the foundation for a brader improvement in the county's capability to service the rapidly expanding population through several new web-enabled applications. The first step in this strategic plan was to develop a web-based tool to enable onlne tax payments.


Hitech Solutions Inc captured and documented the desires of county leaders while simultaneously conducting a full assessment of the technology environment. With this information, Hitech Solutions Inc designed a new application and database that not only met all the requirements, but also made development of subsequent applications much easier.

Using the advanced capabilities of Microsoft's ASP.NET technology, Hitech Solutions Inc developed the application and associated database. During the process, Hitech Solutions Inc created a routine for informal training and knowledge transfer on the use and application of the Microsoft development environment to the county's professional IT staff.

Separately, Hitech Solutions Inc implemented a formal project management methodology and procedures to help guide future development efforts.


This is the first step in the county's overall Internet enablement strategy. Feedback from constituents and county employee is overwhelmingly positive for the streamlined tax payment process. Because of Hitech Solutions Inc's efforts, the bottleneck was eliminated and the county is planning to expand its web-based services.

Executive Summary

A fast growing county decided to offer county services through the Internet.

The first step was to develop a web-based tool to enable online tax payments.

Hitech Solutions Inc developed an application and associated database using Microsoft's ASP.NET technology and conducted training and knowledg transfer to the IT staff.

The respose from the constituents was very positive and the county plans to expand its web-based services in the future.

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